The Snake River Cavalier Family

Our Story

     My mom got her first cavalier, Sofia, in 2007. My children fell in love with Sofia immediately, we all did. In 2008, we had a opportunity to adopt a rescue cavalier, Hope. She captured our hearts and we fell in love with her right away. When we adopted her the vet guessed she was about 8 years old. On 2/14/2014, Hope passed away. It took 6 years for my heart to be ready to be a dog mom, again. Though Hope is no longer with us, she will forever be in our hearts.

     As we were looking for puppies in February 2020, our hearts were sold on the Cavalier King Charles breed for many reasons. We knew that cavaliers are a great emotional support animal, due to one of our children experiencing some mental health issues we needed to have a pet that would be an emotional support for our child.

     The first part of March 2020 we adopted Harley, our Ruby. One week later we adopted Piper, our Blenheim. Both girls have been great emotional support animals not only to our one child, but the whole family. They are intuitive to all of our needs.

     Cavaliers have so much love to give, in return they need to be loved. We know the joy they have brought to our lives and want to share that joy with other families. Part of being a responsible Breeder is making sure our puppies are going to good homes and that is why we have the application process.

Loving Cavs Since 2008

Cavaliers Bred with heart to serve a purpose.

How Can I get a puppy?

1. Fill out of puppy application so we know when you want a puppy, and what sex color, etc. Help us get to know you, so we can get back to you.