Harley 17 lbs.

She is our Ruby. Her thick coat is so soft. She shed the least out of our cavs. Her DNA tests results also said she would shed very little. Each morning Harley is the first of the dogs to get up. She starts to give us kisses when she feels it’s time for everyone to be up. She is full of energy and always ready for an adventure! She loves going on walks, hiking, and kayaking. Harley likes to play fetch. She also loves her snuggle time.

Piper 12 lbs.

Piper comes from Grand Champion lines. She is a Blenheim. She is exceptional in every way from
her temperament, health, attentive, gracious, emotional support, and won’t leave our side. She recently had her first liter of puppies and she is such a good momma. Piper absolutely love’s to play fetch! Piper also loves walks, hiking, and kayaking. She also loves her snuggle time!